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Be the Voice for the voiceless. Motivate people to be better and do better with their lives. “If I Can Beat a Brain Tumor, What Makes You Think, I am Going to Let Life Beat Me?” Nyleve Eiram- 2017

Hello welcome to all my social media links for my self and Yasmin

Lets Talk about Blaamazon.

Have you Invested in the Blaamazon App? If not Go a head a invest at the website. Just click on Blaamazon. My user name will most likely be the same as all of my other social media profiles. Blaamazon is being created by a Black man named Naikie, it is being created for The Black Community; who continues to be silenced across all social media websites and apps. Between 2019 to Early 2021, I was on my 36th month ban on Facebook. I went to Tiktok for infromation and fun. Soon after joining Tiktok, I started to get ban myself and other Black creators as well.

We can be ban for speaking out against Racist and Racism, that goes on in this so called country that was buildt on the Back of Slaves. Blaamzon is going to be a safe heaven for the Black Influencers across the world. Blaamzon recently reached its first milestone in investments by promoting itself on all other social media websites and their own webiste by reaching the $50K in investments. 80% of Investers are Black Women. I personally invested my last $100.00 form when I reciving unemployment. As yall are aware Unemployment had just ended for thousands of people across the country last fall. Naikie told me not to do it and to wait untill I had stable income. Yall know me. I decided to go a head and take a leap of faith because I belive in this app. This app is now in production and in the testing phase now. Juneteenth 2022 is the expected release date.

What are yall waiting for? Go invest in this app while yall still have time.

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