She, me her whatever

She, me, her whatever.

She called me a victim
I calls her a bully
She called me Distraction Jackson
I called her a bully
She calls me a victim
Who is she to call me a victim
Who is she to sit here and pass judgement
I am not a victim
I am stronger then she will ever be.
I wrote two books and on my third one

I survived an brain tumor and she didnt
Im a fighter.
Is not.
She hasnt have to go through what I went through
To make it to where I am today.
She is a souless person
I dont have respect for her
Nor do I wish to
She is a bully and I am not a victim.
Yes I forgave her ass
But now I wish Karma would work her
Like I read an open book.
Called me a victim
Stares me down
Tries to break me down
Will not work….
She doesnt know I am a fighter.
She doesnt knkw I am a fiighter.
She will lose in the end.
She isnt me.

July 31st 2018

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