Tear Drops like Rain Drops

Tear drops like rain drops
Once it flows it never seems to stop.
Holding it in never works
It makes it worse.
Never been a shame to stand up
Never been drained to the point of breaking.
Tears cleansing the soul.
Rain cleansing the mind.
Forced out by pain that is deeply rooted inside.
Hurt by those who I though I could
But turns out trusting keeps on hurting me.
Feeling like a failure.
But knowing im not.
With the tears that falling on a night that’s raining.
Gotta love the irony.
Failure isn’t a option for me.
Alfred from batman says why do we fall?
To pick yourself back up.
After crying and letting them drops fall I am now able to get back up.
Tear drops like rain drops.

September 25th 2017. ©

Nyleve Eiram.

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