Seven 2 Seven Was a poem I wrote after my Overdose Suicide attempt.

I was Lost

But now I am found

I did something

I knew I should have done

Y Past came into play

 I was on a self-destructive


Until Seven 2 Seven

My World Finally Came

Crashing down.

I had overdose that day

Alcohol poisoning

8.4 above the legal limit.

I should have died, I almost did

As I slept most of the night

 I hear a voice

 Saying to me it’s not my time

To go back into my living hell.

So I did

I went back and I realized that

My life is just getting started

I want to say no matter

How hard life can be

Don’t do what I did

 Don’t try to take your life

It isn’t worth it

Trust me

I Still have nightmares

Of Seven 2 Seven.

July 4th 2007

February 25th, 2010

April 18th 2017


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