Feelin lil bit ambitious Going into new depths, new heights.

Knowing where my life is going to lead me.

Showing up, showing out. Preparing for this new seasons of hope.

Loving this newly renewing faith in myself. Knowing it took too long to get here.

Like a baby who needed to cook a lil longer in the stomach.

I have begun my new rebirth.

Rebirthing into the woman I knew I could become.

The new Name is soon to become my new identity.

Bleiving in myself that I can and will survive anything life have thrown at me.

Blessed beyond anyone can ever imagine.

Thank you for enjoying yourself for the entertainment that is my life.

You are no longer welcomed if you haven’t contributed to myself or my family.

August 1st 2017©

I’m blessed to know I still got friends who cares about me and thank you. One of my randomest poems. Came out of the blue yesterday.

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