Ny’s Past Life

Talks about when I was molested as a child, sexually assaulted and raped as an adult.

When you say my name its Nyleve

The new me in me is Ny

I’ve reborn rebirth soared through the flames of life.

No longer am I obtuse to the world in front of me.

No longer am I naive in this world of hate.

Shared shit I wish I didn’t.

Thought shit would change once I let it out.

But since I’m a victim of sexual assult and molestation.

No one believes me.

Why would they?

Since I’m not blooded with shame.

Why did I say something then?

They ask.

Be in my position.

Adopted and abaonded.

Be in my shoes.

Still I pretend that shit didn’t go down.

People wonders why I can’t hang out woth certain folks in mylife.

And people wonder why its hard to let people in.

Being hurt by folks I call family.

Still I stayed quite.

Still I can’t say names.

Still I feel ashamed that it happend.

Still wished that I hadn’t told the one person I could trust.

But she showed me that I cant.

Trust the ones I thought.

This is why i feel im stuck in a world that no one sees me. At lease that’s what I thought before my name change.

Before my new rebirthing.

I’ve been through too much to give up.

And I won’t show that im broken.

So you know I’m blessed beyond anyone.

Even though we’ve prolly gone down the same paths.

Ny is my name with leve being left behind.

Unapologetically me.

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