More Love, Less Hate.

I never understood why we need
To bomb places
Place which has nothing to do with our country.
Place in which can take care of their own people.
Why the need for the UN or
Supper powers like US or Russia.
Needs to step into to other countries business.
I understand we went to war for the wrong reason but why continue? Unless its on our footsteps
why fight?
I love the republicans when they tried to blockaded Obama
for doing what he
was supposed to do.
But not the same for
Orange man Trump.
Yet people don’t have an issue with his radicalism views
which is on the boarder line
of Hitlers views.
Why the need for hate or the KKK?
Why hate those in which
we all come from the
Motherland Africa.
Us Governments are hell bent on
Rewriting history.
We all carries the blood of life.
No need to shoot us up.
No need for bombs
No need for hate.
No need to spew out racial slurs.
When we are one race.
Yet people are to blinded by hate.
To see the rate we are dying because of it.
More love, not hate.
Less killings more living.

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