I will be slowly but surely moving my poems back and forth from Allpoetry.com.

Ny’s Past Life talks about molestation and sexual assault.

New Beginnings written for the New name that I just changed.

Acceptance was written for a contest on allpoetry.com 35 words or less Image prompt

More Love, Less Hate was written for a contest on allpoetry.com called Society’s Wrong

Springish was written for a contest. On allpoetry.com. National Poetry Month Prompt Spring.

Unapologetically Black the poem that’s been in my head for a while.

Unvalidated: a poem I wrote when I had cut ties with my birth mothers family.

Who Is Nyleve?: a poem I wrote earlier this year.

Seven 2 Seven is up and ready to read. I wrote this poem after my overdose and Failed Suicide attempt!

Rebirth is my newest poem since around April of this year. One of my random poems too.

Tear Drops like Rain Drops came after I broke down in September of 2017.

She, me, her whatever came tome on July 31st as I thought about a side conversation regarding an situation.

Ashes to Ashes a poem that is about an person who was harassing me. wrote it out of the blue.

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