Fridays Photo shot!

So last Friday Teri Mattila took photos of myself and my son. We had a hard time after a few shots and he had decided to vacate the area. Here are a few of the shots.

Book Cover Reveal!

Hello All,

Well, here it is my book cover reveal.  My book has been off to my editor the new re Edited version I did since I redid the size and make sure the paragraph was in the correct place. Gotten feed back already on the cover the picture may even change by Friday or next week. I’m glad I have friends who are looking out for me when it comes to this project of mines it’s taken a long time to get it here. I took a well-deserved break from this and got back on it when it was time for me to do so.cover

If you want to see changes made to this please let me know in the comment sections down below. thank your feed backs are always a good and healthy way for writers like my self to improve. I am a self-taught person, who is learning every day.

Something someone I never met before today told me. Side story time: on my way to my doctor’s appointment I had left my water bottle on the A line bus. The person who I am talking about saw me trying to flag it down so I can get it back. She rolled down her window and told me to hop in. So I did and we had a nice lil conversation which leads to her Revelation stating that I am Self-taught like her son is. Not all people are bad people. Some just want to see you succeed just as much as the other person.

Sanctuary at Hamline United Methodist

by: Evelyn AKA Nyleve Eiram Campbell

I first came to Hamline after searching for a new home church. My old church had abandoned me in a time of need. I had felt rejected by a church I had called home once. When I first came to Hamline, people were welcoming and understanding of my position. I felt at peace with Hamline being a new home for my son Ethan and myself. It’s been three years since I came here, and I’m loving it. During my downs in life, Hamline continues to show support for my family of two.

Without Hamline’s help, I do not know where I would be in life. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, Sanctuary means “A place where someone or something is protected or given shelter.” And this is Hamline. Hamline gives a sense of “home”, “protection”” in the Hamline/Midway area. It’s a place of peace, hope and faith. I love the fact that the minister is a woman who is also a mom. She understood my struggle as a single parent.

Finding sanctuary in God was hard after being rejected by my old church. But, since coming here to Hamline, it’s pretty easy to find sanctuary, serenity and peace in God. I have forgiven a lot of people since coming here. It has brought me to the level of connection with God. I have more than a handful of people who want me to succeed with anything I set my life to. I am currently writing my book “How I survived a Brain Tumor” and my chapter book “Nyleve Eiram: Life Experience Poetry.” I’m actively looking for poetry contests around the Twin Cities, a part time job, and fun activities for my two year old. I would love to thank the Hamline Church United Methodist community for giving me a new home and faith in God and community!



Name Change.

Oh what’s in a name? 

So in February of this year I ponder in changing my name. Even doing pros and cons with doing research on how much it would cost me. Was there a fee waver if so how much would it cost me out of pocket? My questions was answered when I went to the Ramsey County Court House in early May. 

I went to fill out the application brought all of my financial paper work, and handed them in. I was surprised on how quickly they processed the paper work and got a court date set up. 

Oh speaking on that its set up on August 30th. I have two witness to vouch for me. Its like marrying a new person or a new you. I found out one of my cousins changed her name she told me it felt releived in changing it. 

To most people I’m still known as Evelyn or Evie but new people who comes into my life and jobs I apply to will know me as Nyleve. 

First Poetry Slam

So I went to my first poetry open mic slam. Tonight and my aniexty around that was high. I was in my head a lot during the spoken words and the raps that was being done at Golden Thyme Coffee House on Selby Ave in Saint Paul, Minnesota. A lot of poets were welcoming and it was veey chill. My Aniexty is still very high when it comes to speaking my own poetry I will set a goal that i will speak in a few weeks. 

Cuttin ties

So I ties from my Birthmothers family. It was hard to do which is why I haven’t wrote in my book this week. Its been emotional for me to think about writing. IOP therapy has been helping.

 I wrote an Dear Brandon Erickson poem after what he said and how my cousin Emily took his side. Im not ashamed of my past nor am I going to allow an younger white male tell me that its my fault for how he treated me. Being abandoned by my birth mothers family this time around doesn’t hurt as much when I First found out I was adopted. 

They have a Its all about us not about you mentally. Its sad that I couldn’t voice how I felt on my old church with out Brandon typing out how he felt on me. The post wasn’t about him.

I am now free of the what if they don’t like me or will they like me. There non communication was enough for me to make my decision to stop communicating with for now. But my cousin Emily Erickson took it to the extreme. Which is fine with me. Communication is key for any good relationship to happen. And they weren’t responding.

Happy Easter late post

Hi y’all its been a while. I’m still working on my poems in the book. Had to get a new notebook and transfer almost all of my poems in the book. Typing in the book will resume on Wed and Thursday.

I wore this dress from Dress Barn on Sunday for Easter. I’m loving the reaction from people.

I normally don’t wear dresses but I felt like it on Sunday.

The photo was taken. By Ally Opps.