Book number 3


Hello all,

I am getting ready to write my second poetry book and my third book over all. It will be number two in the series Nyleve: Painted by Poetry, volume 2. This will be a themed book as well like the 1st one. This one will have more of a story type setting on why I wrote the poems and what I fell now about after all these years of writing them. Like I’ve stated before this is the new website and will be re-branding my brand along with setting up a set schedule to post and keeping up with transferring my poems over here from ….

Thanks again,

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Rebranding Nyleve Eiram Poetry

Hello all,

I am rebranding my site and my name. Its going to take a while. Meanwhile I will be going by Just Nyleve Eiram. I do work for Delta Airlines and what I do and post about political poems or political stories does not reflect my work ethnics with Delta Airlines. I know a  lot of artist has lost there day job due to people finding out where they work at and I was told by hire ups to post this as something to let y’all know. That my poetry does not reflect Delta. Please take it up with me and not the company that I work for.

Book number 3 Nyleve: Painted by Poetry will be worked on in a few months and edited by me since i got a gramar book.


Im a published author!

I started writing my book in February was finished with my book in Arpil. I had no means to get a editor for free which was good. I had online grammar tools to help me as mich as possible.

Had it not been for my job counclers coworker for pushing me into writing my story. This book would not been published. Since May when I offically done I had left it alone. I also left poetry alone to do some office essential classes at Saint Paul College.

I was busy during the summer and towards the end of summerr. The book was always on my mind. I had it set up on Createspace which was introduced to me by another facebooker. I started to write on my blog and all poetry towards September.

I am planning my next chapbook a small 5 to 6 poetry book. I want to say thanks you to everyone who had helped me and stood by me. My paper bag version of the book its up in Amazon and its ready. I moved the kindle version preorder up to November 5th. I will link the book down below.