China snooping!

So as I am looking through my stats. I see two views from China. I was like OMG really guys before the election in November? y’all are going to snoop on my page. Good luck. Nyleve EIram signature.2png

Poetry is my life.

So as many of you know poetry is my life. Has been since 6th grade. I’ve talked about subjects from rape to bullying to self harm to living life. And will continue to talk about them as well. I love my life and the poems that I am able to write because of it. We are all stronger because of our life experiences weather it’s good or bad. We learn we grown and we repeat or don’t repeat.

Poetry is my life. I now understand why I continue to write and continue to make it positive for those around me.

I have a lot of nay Sayed in my life who were recently cut off. And I am okay with that. Even when I want to confront them head on. I won’t.

You can visit me at my AllPoetry site Nyleve Eiram and see some of my poems I continue to write in contest. And win a few here and there.

Yours truly

My weight struggles

So Welcome back.

My weight has been the same since the end of last year it’s been fluctuating between 240-243. I’ve started to walk again and eating healthy. I’ve scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist with Health Partners on 17 of October.

I just had my BMI checked and it’s 39.94. And I am pre diabetic. Main thing I need to cut is pop. So I’ve been drinking 3QT of water this week and less then 2 bottles of pop compared to me drinking 3 or more a day.

I will be posting weekly check-ins after my appointment with my nutritionist.

Thank you for walking in this journey with me. I don’t want to reach 600 pounds.

My content!

Most of you know already what my content is. But I’m adding one more thing to my content and it’s my life struggles, triumphs and more. I figured I have a story to tell and I might of well tell it.

Some may think it’s not right for me to tell my story to others. If I can help one person in this world with my life story. Then I’m going to do it. I’ll be posting an picture down with my social media schedule and will be keeping it as trail basis.

Breaking Bad habits.

So I’ve been trying to break a few bad habits. The main thing is is pop or soda depends on where you are from in the country or world. I’ve already cut diet soda and with me being pre diabetic. This is a due or die situation.

How can I stop drinking without the caffeine withdrawals? My Drs. Tried the Excedrin meds which now I am allergic to. But my nero Drs prescribed magnesium. Which is supposed to help with headaches.

What have you’ve done to stop drinking Soda/pop? Other then drinking water.

Planning and Budgeting

Hello all,

As  I was in MISS Jamela Pettiford class, we were talking about goals and how we should be able to obtain them and achieve them as well.

Here are some of my short and long term goals:


1. Keep a career with a company.
2. Lose 60 pounds within 6 months.
3. Set a good routine for everyday things I need to get done.

1. Have a decent bank account with at least 5k in the checking account…
2. Able to walk 10K without stopping.
3. Work on my overall heath!

I’ve already started on some of these goals by buying a budget book from Erin Condren. I will post an link attached to her name and will take you to a join her page. for $10 off.


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Unhealthy habbits

So one of my unhealthy habbits is drinking soda. We all have that crave for it. So ive been trying hard as hell to stop. Heres some of my triggers.

1. Stress…

2. Drama…

3. Anxeity…

4. Triggering events…

So I am going to be more prodictive in taking notes writing things down. When these 4 things happens. It sucks to live like this but I could have more far bad habbits. Like alcoholism, pill popping. (Which I hate taking medicine)

Anywho tell me what your bad habbits are and what seems to be your triggers? What do you do to stop it and how do you feel after?

Book number 3


Hello all,

I am getting ready to write my second poetry book and my third book over all. It will be number two in the series Nyleve: Painted by Poetry, volume 2. This will be a themed book as well like the 1st one. This one will have more of a story type setting on why I wrote the poems and what I fell now about after all these years of writing them. Like I’ve stated before this is the new website and will be re-branding my brand along with setting up a set schedule to post and keeping up with transferring my poems over here from allpoetry.com ….

Thanks again,

Nyleve EIram signature.2png.png

Rebranding Nyleve Eiram Poetry

Hello all,

I am rebranding my site and my name. Its going to take a while. Meanwhile I will be going by Just Nyleve Eiram. I do work for Delta Airlines and what I do and post about political poems or political stories does not reflect my work ethnics with Delta Airlines. I know a  lot of artist has lost there day job due to people finding out where they work at and I was told by hire ups to post this as something to let y’all know. That my poetry does not reflect Delta. Please take it up with me and not the company that I work for.

Book number 3 Nyleve: Painted by Poetry will be worked on in a few months and edited by me since i got a gramar book.