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  • Poetry is my life.

    So as many of you know poetry is my life. Has been since 6th grade. I’ve talked about subjects from rape to bullying to self harm to living life. And will continue to talk about them as well. I love… Read More ›

  • My weight struggles

    So Welcome back. My weight has been the same since the end of last year it’s been fluctuating between 240-243. I’ve started to walk again and eating healthy. I’ve scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist with Health Partners on 17… Read More ›

  • My content!

    content is still the same with a few added ones.

  • Breaking Bad habits.

    So I’ve been trying to break a few bad habits. The main thing is is pop or soda depends on where you are from in the country or world. I’ve already cut diet soda and with me being pre diabetic…. Read More ›

  • Planning and Budgeting

    Hello all, AsĀ  I was in MISS Jamela Pettiford class, we were talking about goals and how we should be able to obtain them and achieve them as well. Here are some of my short and long term goals: SHORT… Read More ›

  • Unhealthy habbits

    So one of my unhealthy habbits is drinking soda. We all have that crave for it. So ive been trying hard as hell to stop. Heres some of my triggers. 1. Stress… 2. Drama… 3. Anxeity… 4. Triggering events… So… Read More ›

  • Book number 3

    Hello all, I am getting ready to write my second poetry book and my third book over all. It will be number two in the series Nyleve: Painted by Poetry, volume 2. This will be a themed book as well… Read More ›