New beginnings


New Beginnings

Newly freshly name awarded

Legally on Aug 30th, 2017

Nyleve Eiram Hanf-Campbell

Looking at the old me thinking how

To reinvent myself to

The new me


I am.

Going to new heights in my life that

I’ve never reached.

Forgiving the past

As my new beginning starts.

Biblical is what my pastor told me.

To change one’s name to become

Who you need to be.

No longer will I be the shy Evelyn

People used to know me as.

I’m more confident in my life.

More sure of myself.

More aware of who I am.

I know what part of my purpose in life is.

When I was Evelyn I felt fake.

Like I was living a lie.

As I am Nyleve.

I feel like my life has meaning now.

No longer do I need Validation to continue my work.

No longer do I need the old friends who are no longer in my life.

I see truth in my new name

And I tend to stay truthfully to the, me that I am now.

Time to say goodbye to Evelyn and hello



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