HashTag Me Too ©2017

Hashtag Me too.

So who knew this thing would be come the talk of the world in stead of the talk of the town.

From little girls to grown ass women now speaking up. In a hash tag me too.

Me too,

I was molested before I was raped.
When I finally told a family member lets call her Kim. She called me a liar with out actually calling me a liar.

You see this Kim was raped and she told me her story.


When I was brave enough to tell her mines. I get called hash tag liar.

I stood by her when she broke me down.

When other people lifted me up she tore me down.

And maybe that’s why our relationship as cousins is broken now.

You see, I didn’t put hash tag me too just to be told I’m a liar.

Like many other lil girls I was told to be quiet.

I still won’t name names because I’ve forgave them. Yes them. A lot of them. This is why I am able to say hash tag me too.

Karma has gotten them in so many ways. Im glad she did. And now I’m able to speak out. Hash tag me too.

Recently I was working at BP. When customer came in daily harassing me sexually. My white manager lets call her Jill. She told me to continue working, even though I didn’t feel Safetly.

Called the police something I didn’t want to do. But yet I had to. A friend picked me up to make sure I got home safetly.

Time to fight back against men’s bigotry when they idolize us sexually.

In a hash tag me too isn’t going to help untill we speak out personally.

This is my #metoo. Story.

Nyleve Eiram Hanf-Campbell


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