Poetry is my life.

Poetry is my life.

So as many of you know poetry is my life. Has been since 6th grade. I’ve talked about subjects from rape to bullying to self harm to living life. And will continue to talk about them as well. I love my life and the poems that I am able to write because of it. We are all stronger because of our life experiences weather it’s good or bad. We learn we grown and we repeat or don’t repeat.

Poetry is my life. I now understand why I continue to write and continue to make it positive for those around me.

I have a lot of nay Sayed in my life who were recently cut off. And I am okay with that. Even when I want to confront them head on. I won’t.

You can visit me at my AllPoetry site Nyleve Eiram and see some of my poems I continue to write in contest. And win a few here and there.

Yours truly