8 Years ago

8 years ago, on May 6, 2014, doctors at Regions Hostpial in Saint Paul, MN; removed a brain tumor from my head. Dr. Mendez team removed a brain tumor called Subependymoma, It was located on the Fourth Ventricular. On March 30th I had my annual brain MRI. I am Please to announce that there isContinue reading “8 Years ago”

Hearing Assist Dog Go Fund Me! Medical Cost for the Dog!

Hello Everyone,  My name is Nyleve and I am Deaf and Hard of Hearing, single mother of one. I live in a small to medium size apartment. Sometimes it is hard for me to hear the door bell go off, listen for the time on the stove to go off when I am cooking andContinue reading “Hearing Assist Dog Go Fund Me! Medical Cost for the Dog!”

#LOFASM Season 3 Launch/ Race Riots, and more!

Hello, Indeed, its been a while since we have uploaded a video on to #LOFASM. During the first 6 months of this year has been super busy, crazy and wow a pandemic, we almost went into WWIII, Australia caught on fire and we had a 1968 race riot that is still going on. This allContinue reading “#LOFASM Season 3 Launch/ Race Riots, and more!”

Took a break!

Hello All, Took a small break to get my life together. I will be back in 2019. please stay tuned. I want to thank all those who subscribed to my YouTube channel. I will link down below. Youtube Nyleve Eiram Social Media: http://www.nyleveeiram.com http://www.allpoetry.com/nyleve_eiram Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealNyleveEiram/ Instagram: nyleveeiram Twitter: nyleveeiram —————————————————— Hi. Check out myContinue reading “Took a break!”

Social Media Page:

—————————————————— Social Media: Website: Nyleve Eiram All Poetry: Nyleve Eiram Facebook: Nyleve Eiram  Facebook: LifeofaHearingAssistDog Instagram: Nyleve Eiram Instagram: Life of a Hearing Assist Dog Twitter: Nyleve Eiram Tiktoks: NyleveLOFHAD, and Nyleve Eiram  —————————————————— Hi. Check out my wish list https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/Z00A17WM86DX Condenser Microphone NASUM… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075Q67XF5?ref=yo_pop_ma_sw Smartphone Video Rig,Ulanzi iPhone Filmmaking Recording Vlogging Rig Case,Phone MoviesContinue reading “Social Media Page:”