Ashes to Ashes

Look you lil stupid ass bitch!
You’ve tried me once
I aint gonna let
That slide.
If I see you and I dont speak to you
Dont get mall securty to do it for you.
Lil bitch please.
You acting all scared.
When you are the one harassing me.
Let it be. You fucked up at work.
Bitch please.
Ashes to Ashes
When you gonna learn not to fuck with those
Who helped you.
Fuck you lil bitch.
Dont try me again.
You said you will deal with me personally
But bitch you scared as fuck of me.
You see me and you call security.
Ashes to ashes.
Let it be
Deal with your mentality,
seek the help
You need to seek.
Leave me alone bitch please.
Yous a user
Yous a wanna be.
Thats why you be mad when you see me.
Bitch please.
This is my hood, my state.
Bitch you brand new.
Dont try me no more.
Im not the one.
Ashes to ashes.

September 19, 2018 © 2050

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