8 Years ago

8 years ago, on May 6, 2014, doctors at Regions Hostpial in Saint Paul, MN; removed a brain tumor from my head. Dr. Mendez team removed a brain tumor called Subependymoma, It was located on the Fourth Ventricular. On March 30th I had my annual brain MRI. I am Please to announce that there is no evidence of recurrence. There is no accute or subaccute infarct. No accute hemorrhage. 8 years ago when I was rushed in to the ER, I was experincing different types of symptoms the main one that was concering was clusterd head aches. The pain that I was experincing was exruciating.

I was rushed in on May 2, they did an emergency MRI. They had several doctors rushing in and finally Dr. Petterson, and Dr. Mendez came in to let me know that I had a brain tumor. I dont remember much of what they said at the time. But They kept me over night. I was not aware at the time that I would be pregnant. That story will be done later down this post. The eventually send me Home one day before the surgery to remove the beast that was my brain tumor. They waited till the last minute to do any blood work and during that blood work. They found out I was 2 and half weeks pregnant with my now 7 year old son.

The surgery they had plan. Had to be scrubbed. Dr. Mendez came in and gave me 3 new options.

  1. Option: Remove the tumor and the fetus.
  2. Option: Keep both have the baby and then remove the tumor and then go through chemo.
  3. option: Get rid of the tumor and keep the baby.

I had chosen option number 3 and moved on with the surgery; with new medication so it would not harm the fetus at the the time. They took the 4 hour surgery and turned it to a 8 hour surgery and 3 days later I woke up in the ICU. Had They not found the tumor I would not found out I was pregant. I would not be here. My Son would not be here. So This my open letter to Regions Hospital and their staff. Thank you for not only saving my life but saving my sons life too.

Down below will be a link to the MN Brain Tumor 5k Virutal Walk/Run Event. My goal is to raise $1,500 dollars for the Musella Foundatoin for Brain Tumor research and infromation.

Nyleve Eiram MN Brain Tumor 5k Walk Run Donation Page

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