Hearing Assist Dog Go Fund Me! Medical Cost for the Dog!

Hello Everyone, 

My name is Nyleve and I am Deaf and Hard of Hearing, single mother of one. I live in a small to medium size apartment. Sometimes it is hard for me to hear the door bell go off, listen for the time on the stove to go off when I am cooking and also smell when things are burning in the apt. Having a Hearing assist dog will help. With having the hearing Assist dog in my apartment with my 6 year old son will be safer for us to live in. I will be able be alerted when things goes on in the our home. The hearing assistance dog does not cost anything but the medical cost will and Can Do Canines wants to make sure that I am finically able to provide medical care when the time is needed. 

I am currently unemployed due to Covid and I am currently going back to college to receive my first degree as well.  This well greatly help me achieve my goal when I apply for the hearing assist dog in next coming months.

This is the link for the Hearing Assist Dog Click on the highlighted words!

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