#LOFASM Season 3 Launch/ Race Riots, and more!


Indeed, its been a while since we have uploaded a video on to #LOFASM. During the first 6 months of this year has been super busy, crazy and wow a pandemic, we almost went into WWIII, Australia caught on fire and we had a 1968 race riot that is still going on. This all started in the first four months of this year. On May 25th 2020, George Floyd was killed by 4 Minneapolis Police Officers, All of whom have since been fired by Minneapolis Police Department and charged by the State of Minnesota. Since then it has sparked nation wide protest starting in Minneapolis.

As we watched this unfold in my Hometown. I knew I had to be deeply involved this time around. No more sitting by and watching our sons, fathers, family. I had to make escape plans when the riots took place at night in the Midway area of Saint Paul, Minnesota. We later found out that it was White Supremacist and KKK Members setting stores on fire in our neighborhoods in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. When Reverend Al Sharpton Set a movement to meet at Washington DC, on the same day that Martin Luther King marched to Washington DC for the same thing we are still fighting today. . I decided I needed to be there to witness the 2.0 Civil Rights movement.

While this was all going on I was still maintaining my classwork at Saint Paul College. Getting A’s and B’s for the summer semester. My Goal is still to obtain my Masters in Communications. As things died down a bit here in Minnesota, life seems to be getting back on track for people and I decided to get back on YouTube. Although I have not been making videos on YouTube, I Have been making small videos on TikTok. Where my following has been more then my YouTube channel. During Season 3 of Life of a Single Mother, I plan on posting some of those videos that I have taken at the protest along with my News appearance on Channel 4.

I would like to take this time to thank you for sticking with me during these difficult times. I have no clue on how some channels took this opportunity to continue to film during these hard times.

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