Fractured but not broken!

FEB 25TH 2019, I walk out side to see nothing but snow. Snow that was still left over from the Blizzard of 2019 second one of they year. My Apt complex failed to shovel from Feb 22-27. I fell on my hands fracturing my Thumb, and scaphoid they casted me for three weeks with a Thumb spika cast and a zipper cast.

Back to the 25th of February, I fall on my way to my car. While walking in the deep snow. My son who is 4 asked me “Mommy do you need grandma?” “Shes right there.” My mom lives in the building behind me. And I stated no. I take him to school and I took myself to Tria Orthopedics in Bloomington, MN.

I post about it on my social media pages and several people are like get a lawyer. Which I was already working on obtaining one. I continue to film and take pictures of my property and the property owners main office. They’re offices are clean of snow and even have salt on it. But yet can’t keep up with ours.

My Apt complex failed to take care of the parking lot till the 5th of March. Still has icey sidewalls and parking lots. And they continue to fail on keeping up. What makes matter worse is that they quit. They gave notice to our Co OP board.

We are going to demand the board to allow us to have hear say in the new property management team and we will also demand that the board shows us where the money went as well. Mind you they just sold the high rise and they Real Estate Equity in Saint Paul, MN.

I do have a Lawyer who is working with me on the fall that took place and we do have Frogtown Association who is helping the residents have a voice.

I’m going to post some of my injuries here and a few of the videos I’ve taken.

Bottom line, take care of your side walks and parking area before someone else slip and fall on it. Because of your negligence.


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