Unhealthy habbits

So one of my unhealthy habbits is drinking soda. We all have that crave for it. So ive been trying hard as hell to stop. Heres some of my triggers.

1. Stress…

2. Drama…

3. Anxeity…

4. Triggering events…

So I am going to be more prodictive in taking notes writing things down. When these 4 things happens. It sucks to live like this but I could have more far bad habbits. Like alcoholism, pill popping. (Which I hate taking medicine)

Anywho tell me what your bad habbits are and what seems to be your triggers? What do you do to stop it and how do you feel after?

Published by Nyleve Eiram

I Enjoy writing poetry, playing with my son and learning new things. I have something big I'm working on and will not announce it till I'm ready to. This is a safe website. Any bullying or nasty comments will be removed.

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