New beginning poem

Hello all

I just got done with my new master piece. Called New Beginnings. I am officially known as Nyleve Eiram Hanf-Campbell.

Not only that I dyed my hair for the last time and it’s going to be this color for the next few years or so. New name means new beginnings and new attitude towards life. I’ve been on a reinventing phase for the past year or so.

Things are going to be different now no more of the weakling that I was a year ago or even beyond a year ago.

To my family and friends who stuck by me as I hit my lowest point in my life thank you.

To the ones who didn’t. Thank you too. You made me realize fake relationships aren’t worth it and it was time for me to move on.

Published by Nyleve Eiram

I Enjoy writing poetry, playing with my son and learning new things. I have something big I'm working on and will not announce it till I'm ready to. This is a safe website. Any bullying or nasty comments will be removed.

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