Sanctuary at Hamline United Methodist

by: Evelyn AKA Nyleve Eiram Campbell

I first came to Hamline after searching for a new home church. My old church had abandoned me in a time of need. I had felt rejected by a church I had called home once. When I first came to Hamline, people were welcoming and understanding of my position. I felt at peace with Hamline being a new home for my son Ethan and myself. It’s been three years since I came here, and I’m loving it. During my downs in life, Hamline continues to show support for my family of two.

Without Hamline’s help, I do not know where I would be in life. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, Sanctuary means “A place where someone or something is protected or given shelter.” And this is Hamline. Hamline gives a sense of “home”, “protection”” in the Hamline/Midway area. It’s a place of peace, hope and faith. I love the fact that the minister is a woman who is also a mom. She understood my struggle as a single parent.

Finding sanctuary in God was hard after being rejected by my old church. But, since coming here to Hamline, it’s pretty easy to find sanctuary, serenity and peace in God. I have forgiven a lot of people since coming here. It has brought me to the level of connection with God. I have more than a handful of people who want me to succeed with anything I set my life to. I am currently writing my book “How I survived a Brain Tumor” and my chapter book “Nyleve Eiram: Life Experience Poetry.” I’m actively looking for poetry contests around the Twin Cities, a part time job, and fun activities for my two year old. I would love to thank the Hamline Church United Methodist community for giving me a new home and faith in God and community!



Published by Nyleve Eiram

I Enjoy writing poetry, playing with my son and learning new things. I have something big I'm working on and will not announce it till I'm ready to. This is a safe website. Any bullying or nasty comments will be removed.

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