Name Change.

Oh what’s in a name? 

So in February of this year I ponder in changing my name. Even doing pros and cons with doing research on how much it would cost me. Was there a fee waver if so how much would it cost me out of pocket? My questions was answered when I went to the Ramsey County Court House in early May. 

I went to fill out the application brought all of my financial paper work, and handed them in. I was surprised on how quickly they processed the paper work and got a court date set up. 

Oh speaking on that its set up on August 30th. I have two witness to vouch for me. Its like marrying a new person or a new you. I found out one of my cousins changed her name she told me it felt releived in changing it. 

To most people I’m still known as Evelyn or Evie but new people who comes into my life and jobs I apply to will know me as Nyleve. 

Published by Nyleve Eiram

I Enjoy writing poetry, playing with my son and learning new things. I have something big I'm working on and will not announce it till I'm ready to. This is a safe website. Any bullying or nasty comments will be removed.

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